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Most business owners are shocked when they see what happens when visitors arrive on their websites. The sad truth is that most visitors remain for less than 30 seconds and then bounce back to Google search results to choose a different website. Worse, they never return and are a lost opportunity. Here’s why they leave: Most website designs fail to deliver what visitors are looking for. Search engine users type keywords, phrases and questions that relate directly to their inquiries. When they land on a page on a business website, they expect to find relevant information that gives them what they search for. Too many websites deliver only artistic images and a flashy appearance. They fail to offer anything useful but eye candy. Visitors bounce off such websites instantly. High bounce rates are the reason most websites fail. Here’s what you need to know:

MinneSEOta Creates Search Engine Marketing Success by Optimized Web Design

No business can succeed by approaching internet marketing with failed strategies. Today’s business environment is simply too competitive for that. Without a thoroughly effective website design that delivers exactly what both search engines and your customers want, you simply can’t compete. Our comprehensive team effort is based on experience, research and intensive hard work. Our outstanding reputation has been built since the beginning of the internet by providing real results that are measured by increased sales and revenues for our clients. Our pricing is competitive, but our performance is decidedly superior. Contact MinneSEOta today for a free analysis of your current internet marketing methods and a price quote on the cost of a successful marketing strategy designed for your success. Let us show you how we’ve helped our satisfied clients achieve top search engine rankings and outstanding conversion results.